A quick note to mark the passing of the baby elephant Mac from the Houston Zoo.   This has made me very sad.  I think it is hitting me hard because I know how hard it is for the elephant keepers.  Three years ago while I was writing for Houston Metblogs, I wrote about the passing of Bella, a baby elephant from the zoo.  She died after having an accident and breaking her leg.   The gestation period for an elephant is almost two years.  The zoo had lost a baby elephant before Bella and I couldn't imagine what it was like to wait and prepare for TWO YEARS only to have the baby die days after it was born.  I was so happy when they had Bella and so sad when she was lost to an accident.  Three years later here we are again.  I can't imagine the pain that they are going through.  After I wrote the article for Metblogs I heard from some of the zoo keepers and their families thanking me for my words.  One former keeper has even become a dear reader of this blog.  So again I find myself not only mourning for the sweet animal, but for the immeasurable grief that the keepers must be going through.  I could never in a million years do that job.  I'm too big of a baby and my heart is too open when it comes to animals.