My co-worker came in with a card from my mailbox.  It had dates for a special engagement of Rent in the spring in Houston.  At the time I thought I already knew about it, although now that I look back, I knew about Les Mis, not Rent.  Anyway I looked at the card while she helped a student who had come into the choir room.  That's when my eyes finally focused on what the card said.  ANTHONY RAPP AND ADAM PASCAL STAR IN RENT.  I lost it right then and there.  I started squealing like a teenage girl and once my student left I started tearing up.  I'm so excited! I'm not even sure if I can explain, but I will try.

I have been a Rent fan for such a long time.  Way before the movie, way before it was cool to love Rent.  The message of Rent is so powerful.  As life moves along, bombarding me with the ins and outs of existence I forget that message sometimes, but Rent always pops up at the right time to remind me.  The lyrics and the message of show hit home even harder when you think about Jonathan Larson, the creator, who died the night before the show premiered.

Forget Regret or Life is Yours To Miss
No Day But Today

Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal were the leads in the Original Broadway production.  They are the voices that I hear whenever I listen to my Rent CD.  They ARE Rent for me and the chance to see them in person performing these roles is going to be amazing.  I am planning on purchasing tickets for two nights and I hope I have the courage to go to the Stage Door.  I can't imagine that I will let that opportunity pass me by, even if I will feel like a dumbstruck teenager.  What in the world would I say face to face!  

I can't imagine.  I can't wait.

Crawling across the finish line