MP24: The Return

You may or may not have noticed that there haven't been any mirror project entries here in a few months.  When I redesigned my photoblog I decided to make the mirror project a weekend feature on the photoblog itself.  But I missed posting the photos here too because the photos always gave me a chance to ramble on about something or other which as you know is my forte.

So I am making a return to mirror project entries here.  I am still reserving my very favorite for the photoblog (you can see the photos go by on the sidebar), but I usually have several other photos that I don't get to use there that I will be able to share here.

Today's photo is similar to the one that will post this weekend.  There were two shots I took in the same location, but there were differences in composition.  These are the glass blocks at the Glassell School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.  

Glass Blocks

Happy Thanksgiving

Crawling across the finish line