I've been an updating machine today.  It wasn't planned, but in the end I'm glad I got stuff done.

First up was the sorely neglected Houston Photobloggers.  After writing up posts for the week I started looking at new theme designs.  That snowballed into a full scale assault on the site, but it really needed it.  I changed the theme, updated the FAQ, added a navigation bar, cleaned up the blog roll, updated the content on the sidebars and changed around the welcome message at the top.  Of course once I did that I had to tweak the Houston Photobloggers Twitter page with a slightly better name and more interesting background than solid blue.

Of course that led to a desire to change my personal Twitter page.  I bought a nice graphic on iStock photo, but then had to work with it in Photoshop to get the right dimensions for the Twitter page.  Of course a new design means new text and link colors.  I actually love fiddling around with website colors (as I'm sure you can guess with the numerous changes that occur here).

Then it was on to my other neglected blog, the photine chronicle.  That blog isn't meant to have a lot of activity, only updated when I want to remember particular milestones for  But when I looked at it I realized that I hadn't done my Fave Five for July - September.  Oops!  So off I went to choose my five favorite photos from that three month span.  Stop by and take a look.  I refreshed the design, added a new post about Pixyblog selections and added the Fave Five (backdated).

Whew!  Website-o-rama.  Oh yeah I also wrote up the December Assignment: Houston and decided on two new link features for the photoblog (I had to think of names!).  And now I'm here.  I might very well have a blogging addiction problem, but instead I choose to think of it as simple housekeeping.  

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