Around the corner, off in the distance

I feel like I should write a post about the Via Colori event because it was so neat, but I just can't organize my jumbled thoughts.  I also want to mark it because I think I finally turned the corner on the last year of personal struggles that I've had with my place in the local online community.  I feel like I've let some things go and finally accepted some other things.  It has been a freeing feeling and a weight lifted off my shoulder.  I have been struggling with this stuff for a year, trying to find my voice, trying to decide who I want to be what I hope to get out of it and I feel like I'm that much closer.  

You know how you always hear people saying their 40s and 50s are so great because they don't give a damn what other people think anymore?  I'm not quite that free yet, but I can see it now, off in the distance.  It is within sight and darn if they aren't right.  What a great feeling.
Anyway, here are some photos from the event.  You can see the whole set here. The photoblog of course has my five favorites so stop by there too.

El Buck Owens  Lady  Emerge  Via Colori  Peacock


Or maybe....