Snow, people.  Snow.  This was my first, honest to goodness snow fall.  I've only seen snow one other time and that was on a trip to Chicago.  There was already snow on the ground that was turning slushy and there were a few flurries in the air.  In 2004 it snowed on Christmas Eve in Houston, but I was out of town and by the time I got back there was no snow.

This time big flakes fell from the sky and I was like a child.  I squealed, I screamed (in my car so that I could maintain the illusion of maturity), I stood in the open and looked up in the sky, flakes hitting my mouth and eyes.  It was wonderful.  It didn't really stick except to plants and some cars, but that's ok. It was a wonderful night.  SNOW!

Palm Trees


UPDATE: It started snowing again so I went out and took more pictures. You can see the set here.


Tonight's Activities