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I have always wanted to get involved with the organization Elves and More, but December is such a busy time.  Usually by the time I think about it, it is a few days before my concert and just impossible to do.  

Elves and More gives bicycles to kids in the poorer areas of Houston.  Their philosophy is that with a bicycle comes freedom.  Their approach is to give the bikes, not to just one or two families in an area or one school, but blanket a neighborhood with bikes.  
Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be an elf for a day.  Elves and More came to my school to give bikes away to students who had set and achieved goals in academics, behavior and attendance. Not only did they give bikes to students at my school, but also the neighboring elementary and high school.  Once they left the neighborhood was filled with children with new bicycles.  

Such a wonderful organization and now I'm more determined than ever to give them some of my time next year.

I got to be an elf for a day

The Elves    Sea of Bikes

Merry Christmas

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