Christmas Rewind

I can't believe my first week of vacation has already flown by.  Family responsibilities have kept me busy.  I think there are so many impossible expectations and strong memories associated with Christmas that it has become more of a chore than anything.  The whole idea that it IS the most wonderful time of the year and you WILL be happy no matter what is difficult.  My family is also much smaller than it used to be as cousins have started their own families and people have drifted into their own traditions.  Christmas is just hard at times and I'm glad it is behind me for another year.

With a small family comes only a handful of small gifts, but wait until you see the latest addition to my perfume solids collection.  It is drop dead gorgeous.  I will photograph it soon so you can see it.  In fact I really need to photograph the whole collection, but I'm just not interested in studio photography.

Now I have a whole week in front of me to relax and be on vacation.  I haven't planned anything yet, but I think the weather next week is supposed to be nice so I'm going to try to take advantage.  I want to be as busy as possible.   Especially since my apartment is actually neat and clean, which makes it easier for me to go out (don't ask... my brain works in weird ways).

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Merry Christmas