Change, Hope and Rekindling

I have long been a fan of the office of the president.  It didn't matter whether it was a Republican or a Democrat in the seat, I was fascinated by the history of the job and all the pomp and circumstance that goes along with it.  I always watched the beginning of the state of the union, always watched inaugurations, always watched those White House Christmas specials.  Once it turned into long political babble I'd turn the channel, but I was always excited about "The President."  That has been lost in the last eight years.  We have taken a wrong turn.  We have become the bullies of the world with no idea of our place in it.  And as the years went on I watched less and less of presidential things.

I really feel that things are about to change for the better.  I am excited for the change.  For a call to personal responsibility.  For a leader who will inspire us to make those changes.  Today is an exciting day.  And most exciting of all is that my presidential interest has been rekindled.  

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