Robot Roll Call

It's been such a busy week and I'm going to write a little more about it later, but I had to pop on here to share some trivia with you.  I noticed that my friend Jeff added MST3K to his fan pages on Facebook and it reminded me that MST3K is where I got the name for my kitty, Gypsy.

I took her in for her first appointment at the vet after getting her from the SPCA and didn't have a name at that time.  The name she had before was Little Princess and that was wrong on so many levels.  Let's just say that my kitty has always been "big boned."  I was having such a hard time picking out a name and the pressure was on because I had a two week follow up appointment that was drawing near.  I did not want to go back to the vet with a nameless kitty.  I was watching MST3K and poof, there it was.  Gypsy.  So she's a geek kitty, but what can you expect from a geek owner.

The week that was

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