The week that was

I had a peek into what my life could be like if I would if I really wanted to live a different life.  Almost every night last week I was out and about town.  

Tuesday - I went to meet friends for dinner before photographing the latest Opera in the Heights production.

Wednesday - I had tickets to a dress rehearsal at Houston Grand Opera thanks to a friend that is involved in the production.  I know!  Two nights of opera in a row.  But don't worry, I just bought my tickets for Les Miserables to balance out all this opera.

Thursday - I had a six month follow up at my allergist (figures that today I'm having a massive allergy attack) and after that met another friend for dinner.

Friday - I went to the high school's production of Little Shop of Horrors.

Whew.  Now for some people this doesn't seem like a lot.  Some people are this busy all the time. Not me.  I usually come straight home after work.  Going out on a weeknight is an extravagance. Going out four nights in a row is monumental.  My going out is usually reserved for the weekend (if at all).

So what did I mean about that different life?  Well the things that I felt that I was neglecting by being out are things that I could (and probably should) cut down on anyway.  My DVR was piling up with TV shows, my news reader was filling up with blog posts and news articles, I wasn't able to catch up with people on Flickr or Facebook.  The only thing I kept up with was Twitter. I know that these are all things that people who live those "fulfilled lives of meaning" don't have cluttering up their time, but I'm not quite ready to give them up yet.  There is also a part of me that is always going to be a homebody.  I will always need that quiet recharge that comes with being an introvert.   

Two final thoughts.  First, I really, REALLY, need to get walking again.  I feel tired all the time with no energy and I know that if I got on a regular exercise program, even minimal walking, it would help.  At least that is what those people who exercise always say.  It is hard though when I feel like I do today (tired, run down, sick). 

Second, so far this year really reinforces that my life can be filled with nice, kind people who don't try to force me to be anyone but myself.  


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