I'm in San Antonio for my annual music teacher's convention.  I actually go to two a year.  One during the summer that is quiet, laid back and generally ends around five o'clock each day with plenty of free time in the middle of the day.  Then there is this one.  It is the largest music education conference in the country and probably the world.  Close to 20,000 people descend on San Antonio for clinics, concerts and networking.  Days generally run from about 8 in the morning to 8 at night. It is always one of the highlights of my year because there are so many interesting things to see, hear and do.

So my report so far?  I wandered around San Antonio a little last night and found a place that had a mirror maze.  It was so much fun to try to figure my way out of this dark place because everywhere you turned it looked the same.  I tried to take some pictures in there.  I hope some of them came out.

The sessions and concerts have been good so far.  One of my oldest friends from college had his choir invited to perform.  This is a huge honor in the organization and I was so proud of him today.  They did a beautiful job.

And not to leave my geekiness out, I have noticed that there are many more people twittering about the convention than last year.  Last year it was pretty much me, at least that is what I felt like.  Not only do I find a lot more people when I do a Twitter search, but one of the companies set up an internet cafe and had a screen that was showing everyone's recent tweets related to the convention.  I went down there as soon as I could and took a picture.  Because I'm a dork.

The Exhibit Hall

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