There's just not much going on right now for me to post about.  I'm sure when I get my new camera TOMORROW, that will change.  February is not my favorite month because of a competition I don't like, the trip out of town (I love the convention, but it is still exhausting), and four nights of clinics with the students.  Add to that the fact that I'm usually sick in January/February and it is just a struggle.  

Well the competition is over, the trip is done, one of the clinics has been moved to March and by some weird set of circumstances the clinics will all be next week.  That means I'll hate next week, but it will just be one week and over.  And smack dab in the middle of it I have a night photography class.  

I finally feel like I might be able to establish a better routine now that January has passed and I'm feeling better.  I went walking yesterday and went to the grocery store so that I won't eat out all the time.  

One other thing is that I signed up for another one of those online dating sites, but I haven't finished my profile.  It has all these questions that I'm supposed to write paragraph answers for and, ridiculous as this may sound from someone with a blog, I find it hard to write about myself.  I'm not good at describing myself.  It asked for three adjectives, the shortest part of the survey, and I couldn't even do that.  I am just going to have to sit down and make myself do it.

Tomorrow, NEW CAMERA!

It has arrived

The Exhibit Hall