Moving the Details Forward

My head has been swimming the last 24 hours with trip plans, but things have finally started settling down and decisions have started falling into place.  I failed to mention that I was also trying to think of a place to go for a quick overnight trip during Spring Break.  Somewhere here in Texas.  So I had three trips running around in my head.  One overnighter in March, one three nighter in July and one week in a foreign country in November.   

I started by buying travel guides to Chicago and Panama.  I imagine that my father will dictate a lot of what I see in Panama, but I want to know more about the country and want to be able to suggest places that I want to see.  

I have to remind myself that I can't see everything when I go to Chicago and that I need to just pick out a handful of things to do and everything else will fall into place.  That is a very hard thing for an extreme planner like me.  I'm definitely not a fly by the seat of her pants, show up and see what happens, type of girl.  I'm going to have fun looking at the guide regardless.  In fact I have several of the Houston area because I love looking at them.

So the decisions that have been made in the last few hours?  

Panama.  Right now I'm just going to be reading my guide book.  Nothing terribly exciting right now.  

Chicago.  After going over and over and around and around I've decided to book a hotel through Priceline.  I think if I use their four star rating and set my price I'll be ok with wherever they put me.  I've read up on it (of course!) and it doesn't seem to matter when you book so I'm going to squirrel away the money and bid as soon as I have it ready.  There are whole websites out there where people compare winning bids and reading through there has helped me feel good about this choice.  Now I can start keeping an eye on airline flights.  I'm not 100% on the dates and I know I need to choose soon.  I'm either looking at July 7-10 or July 14-17.  At this point I probably just need to flip a coin.

Goliad.  As I said in my New Year's resolution post, I want travel to become part of my life.  Even a  quick overnight trip somewhere.  Overnight because I'm not a big fan of driving so I know I would be tired and cranky if I did it all in one day.  I've been toying with this idea in my head and when I saw this photo at Flickr the destination was sealed.  I am a big fan of history and Texas history and have always wanted to go to Goliad anyway.  It will just be a quick jaunt down there and back with a stay in Victoria.  The Presidio La Bahia, which is in the area, has this incredibly cool thing where you can stay there over night, but from what I've seen it is more than I want to spend right now AND I wasn't wild about staying in the middle of nowhere by myself.  Ok, fine, I'll admit it.  I started reading about ghosts and the thought of staying in the middle of nowhere by myself with possible ghosts running around freaked me out a little so I scratched that idea.  Not that I really believe in ghosts, but the thought is a little unnerving.  Maybe one day I'll have a partner who likes travel and/or photography and we can head out there and stay in an old fortification in the middle of nowhere by ourselves.  I think it sounds terrific.  For now I'll just photograph it during the day.

So there you go.  I'm really making progress on resolution #4.  1, 2 and 3 need some work.

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