Checking Things Off

Once upon a time I made a checklist of things that I wanted to get done during my 36th year.  It was inspired by the fabulous Louisa and the amazing checklist on her blog.   I have pretty much given up on this list and am focusing on my new year's resolutions, but looking at it I have actually made some progress.  I won't get everything done by the time my birthday rolls around in late April but it feels good to see some progress.

1.  Pay off my credit card.  - Bwhahahahahaha.  Yeah, ain't happening.  But I think I'm going to go for the "build up money in an account" route to pay it off.  Kind of a modified debt snowball.  I probably also really need to build up the $1000 emergency fund as Dave Ramsey suggests because the things that get put on the card are emergency items (think veterinarian tests or car maintenance). 

2.  Buy a new camera body, not on the credit card.  - Done!

3.  Sell a photograph.  - Not yet, but there are definite possibilities for this year.  Just may not make it by my birthday.

4.  Enter at least 5 call for entries.- I've only done one.  This one I have no excuses.  I really should have done this.

5.  Take a photography class - Done!  In fact, just tonight I took a class on night photography.  It is a two part class so I will meet again on Saturday to go over processing.

6.  Participate in at least 3 5K fun walks.  - Alas, no.  

7.  Go on a date.  - I'm giving up on this one, pretty much for life.

8.  Take some road trips around Texas.  - This one will be completed by my deadline.  Hooray!

9.  Grow my viewership on my blog by 100% - Done!  I have definitely hit that mark.  Not that I had very far to go since I had a very small amount of viewers, but I now have a very small amount times two.

10.  Ride a bike.  - Not yet, but you never know.  I still have two months.

11.  Go out shooting with someone new every few months.  - I haven't really done this, at least not one on one.  I've gone several times with different groups of people.  I still feel like this is progress from where I was a year ago.


Moving the Details Forward