As you may or may not know I am a Twitter addict.  Twitter fan girl.  Twitter evangelist.  I love it even though I don't use it as most people do.  I am very picky about who is in my stream.  Most people follow a lot of people, especially local people, but I follow local people's blogs and Flickr streams and in Facebook so I generally know what they are doing.  My carefully cultivated Twitter list becomes the most fascinating group blog with witty, funny and interesting people.  If people don't fit in with the flow that I have going I will drop them.  Sometimes as my interests change I add or drop people.  When I am very busy, as I am this week, my Flickr contacts pile up pictures I haven't looked at and my RSS reader piles up news stories I haven't read, but I always, ALWAYS am caught up with Twitter.  Nightline did a story last  night that tried to explain and I think they did a good job.  


The 50D era begins

Checking Things Off