The 50D era begins

Link Lee MansionFrom here on out what you see on the photoblog will be with my new camera, the Canon 50D.  I'm still trying to decide whether I made the right decision.  I think this has less to do with camera issues and more to do with my unstable brain patterns.  

It feels like that whole anxiety thing that I battle with more than any real concerns.  Worrying just to be worrying. The camera does have more noise than I like and I'm going to have to work around that.  I'm also going to have to figure out a new back-up, archiving strategy since the files are so much bigger than before.  I can hear that little person locked up inside me somewhere screaming that it doesn't mater, to just go have fun and stop worrying about it.  It isn't like I'm going to be suddenly in demand because I bought this camera.  

That is something that has also led to the anxious feeling.  Everyone expects me to do great things with this new gear.  It shouldn't matter what they think, but when you hear it from all corners you can't help but be anxious when the first photos you process don't come out the way you want or you discover that you are going to have to reorganize your work flow or you have to buy yet another thing and spend more money you don't have because there is so much more to the new camera than just the camera.

I'm sure these feelings will pass.  I don't think it is buyer's remorse.  I think it is my own personal mental demons.  I hope they go on vacation soon.

Update:  I just remembered this afternoon while fussing over photos AGAIN that the ones I was working with were the very first set of photos I took that had settings on that should have been off.  I took a quick glance at a subsequent photo and while it is still noisy it is nothing like the first set so I already feel better.

Welcome Spring