Musical Season

I guess there is a musical season.  It always feels for me like it is January - June.  It is rare that I go to musicals in the fall and I certainly didn't this year with Hurricane Ike.  I'm actually a little behind on my musical viewing having skipped Spring Awakening on purpose and missed Legally Blonde on accident.  When I came home last night I wondered when Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was leaving town.  What? This weekend?!  I bought a ticket right away.

It was interesting, but definitely not one of my favorites.  I'm sure that I watched the movie when I was a child, but I don't really remember it.  I know the show is for kids, but it was cartoonish to the extreme.  I felt like I was watching a show geared only for young kids; the kind that adults have to endure. The audience was also a little flat this evening.  I didn't realize that tonight was the last night in town. For some reason there is no Sunday show.  So this wasn't the most memorable night at the theater, but it was better than sitting at home randomly surfing the internet.  I love musicals and the singing and dancing were good.  It also has two particularly memorable songs.  I did an arrangement of Hushabye Mountain last year with one of my choirs and I loved it and they loved it.  It is a gorgeous song.  As for the title song, once you hear it, it gets stuck in your head.  Go ahead and click the video.  It won't be stuck in your head forever.  Just a little while.

So not a bad way to spend the evening even if it wasn't spectacular.  I saw a live performance which is always great, got to add another poster to my musicals page and I even bought a Les Mis t-shirt.

Up next are two biggies, the two musical dramas that are on the very top of my favorites list.  Les Miserables and Rent.