I survived!

I have survived our Pre-UIL contest.  UIL is the big spring choir contest and the district holds a practice UIL for the choirs.  It is stressful because I have five choirs and they go back to back to back since it is just my district.  Also because the students just aren't ready.  This really is a wake up call for some of them.  I'm so glad today is over.  It ended on a down note because some of my students had electronics stolen out of their backpacks while we were gone.  I had to calm down an irate parent. Not fun.

But now that it is over I think I can actually look forward to Spring Break.  Right now I'm going to drag out my foot bath massager and give some relief to my feet that have been crammed into ill fitting heels all day.  The last time I used it I was so relaxed I fell asleep.  It was funny to wake up and realize that I was passed out on the sofa with my feet in water.  

Update:  The thief was caught and I think the students are getting most of their stuff back today.  Huzzah!

The Multi-tasking Experiment