The Multi-tasking Experiment

I am going to try a lifestyle experiment this week of Spring Break (oh hai, I'm on Spring Break!).  I have felt the last year or so like my evenings after work have really lost focus.  I come home, surf the internet while the TV is on, mindlessly clicking around websites.  Then it is 10 pm and time to go to bed.  Meanwhile, I've wasted the whole evening on the sofa and don't even really have that much to show for it.  A lot of the times I don't catch up with my news feeds, because I want to give them full attention, I don't watch shows on my DVR because I want to give them my full attention and I definitely don't read because I'm mindlessly clicking on the internet with the TV droning in the background.  I end up half-assing everything.

I'm a little worried that my entire Spring Break will consist of the previous scenario so this week I'm going to try a little experiment.  No multi-tasking among the three activities.  If I am on the internet the TV will be off.  If I'm going to watch TV, the laptop will be closed.  If I'm going to read, then both TV and laptop will be off. 

I originally thought that I would move the laptop to my desk and that way there would be activity zones.  The internet zone, the tv zone, etc.  But after working about 20 minutes on the desk I knew it wasn't going to work.  It is not a computer desk and not ergonomic.  My arm was already starting to ache. Not that typing on a TV tray from the sofa is ergonomic either, but it is better than the desk.  The desk is a little wooden one from my childhood and I don't want to get rid of it.  I also live in a tiny apartment (650 sq ft) so I don't have lots of room for new and fancy furniture.  The one item I would really like to buy, not that it would fit anywhere or that I even have the money, is a comfortable reading chair.  So I'm back to the sofa with the computer and I'm going to hope that my will power will be enough to keep the TV off.

If I can actually do this I know that I will get more enjoyment out of each activity.  The question of course is whether I can actually do it.   I might make one exception for the iPhone to keep track of Twitter, but we'll see.  If I can do this for longer than 48 hours it will be a miracle.

PS:  Does anyone have recommendations for a comfortable, affordable (ok fine, cheap) reading chair?

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