Weird Tuesday

A lot of random mish mash today.  Lucky me, I have a cold.  My throat has been hurting since Sunday and I've felt achy with a very mild fever.  I finally went to the doctor today to make sure it wasn't something worse and he said it was a cold combined with my allergies.  It hurts to swallow, I can't breathe.  It's just peachy, especially since I'm on Spring Break.  

I've pretty much been in my apartment since Saturday except for working at the museum 2 hours on Sunday and the trip to the doctor today.  I'm very, very pouty about this.  I'm going to go out tomorrow regardless because I have a lens from Borrow Lenses that I need to try it out, plus the fact that I can't stand being cooped up here any longer.
Celtic Cross
Since today is St. Patrick's Day my thoughts always wander to my trip to Ireland in 1994.  I had a wonderful time there and the country is beautiful.  You know when you are in a place and you just feel like you belong there?  You feel comfortable like that is where you should be?  I had that feeling when I was standing at Trinity College in Dublin.  A feeling of peace just settled over me.  

Spending the afternoon keeping virtual vigil for Natasha Richardson.  Watching all the wildly varying reports flow in on Twitter and while I know it is a train wreck of a news source I can't seem to turn away.  I loved her in Parent Trap and on my broadway recording of Cabaret.  

It's been a very strange day.

I don't wanna grow up

The Multi-tasking Experiment