Things I Did Today**

-Woke up with my left ear completely stuffed.

-Ok, not completely. A little sound was coming through. It was like the sound the very first recordings in wax cylinders made. It was also about a half step lower than what my other ear was hearing so it was it's own special torture when music was playing. Needless to say I didn't listen to a lot of music today.

-I decided to go on my trip despite my body having a massive breakdown. The only thing I usually deal with are allergies. This cold with it's painful sore throat and now throbbing ears is killer.

-Discovered, completely by accident, the location of the Tee Pee motel. So quirky and fun.

-Took a much needed nap.

-Saw two beautiful courthouses from the late 1800s. Now the Houston courthouse is beautiful as well but it is dwarfed by the things around it. These buildings dominated their spaces.

-Stood where James Fannin and almost 400 of his troops were massacred then buried.

-Spent an hour with a complete stranger photographing an old mission. An hour because I was waiting for the right light which unfortunately never came thanks to clouds. Jim drives around Texas for weeks at a time on his motorcycle between work shifts in Wisconsin. It is very unlike me to hang out with a complete stranger. I blame being sick and in a fog but I had a nice time anyway.

-Ordered too much food at dinner because I forget that my appetite is dimnished when I'm sick.

-Wrote this blog post at 10 at night using Typepad's iPhone app. It promptly ate the post.***

-Writing again except this time through the online process and at three in the morning because I haven't been able to sleep more than three or four hours at a time all week.

Sucky Spring Break

I don't wanna grow up