Doing the limbo

I feel like life is in limbo until I get my hearing back.  One of my ears is mostly cleared, but the other one is still plugged up.  Everything I've read on the internet says that it takes a long time (2-4 weeks).  I don't have an infection as far as I know because I don't have a fever, don't have pain and don't have any pus leaking out my ears (sorry for the graphic image).  I may go to the doctor if it still isn't clear, but it will have to wait until after next week and contest.  I honestly think it is getting better, but very, very, VERY slowly.

I think I'm mostly over my cold.  I feel like I have had all the energy sapped out of me.  I have made a point to get out of the house Friday night and Saturday so that I won't sit around doing nothing waiting to be 100% better.  I'm kind of torn between two things I should do today.  I should get out of the house again and enjoy this spectacular weather by going to the Bayou City Art Festival. I also should clean my apartment so it doesn't look like a sick person has been living here for two weeks.  Maybe that will give me a better chance to get life back on track.  I know for sure that I will edit photos.  After that we'll see.

Sorry that posting has been kind of blah over here.  Life has been kind of blah.