I am so tired of the way things are going in almost every single aspect of my life.  It is time for things to change.  There is a lot more underneath that simple statement, but I'm going to keep it to myself right now and just talk about cooking.

I hate to cook.  I think almost anyone who reads this blog knows that. But if I want other things to change, cooking needs to be a major component.  I don't need to go over all the reasons that dining in is better for you because I'm sure you heard them all before (eat healthier, save money, etc.) 

I find nothing joyful or relaxing about cooking.  I look at recipes and feel overwhelmed with long lists of ingredients and step after step of instructions.  Throw in the fact that I am a semi-picky eater and am single and don't want to make 6-8 servings and I hope you can get an idea where I'm coming from.  Or maybe not.  Some people hate being on the computer.  I hate being in the kitchen.

But it has to change.  I think this can be beneficial for more than just the previously mentioned reasons.  I need to stop my endless wandering around the internet night after night.  Clicking from social space to social space hoping that something magical will happen.  That my life will suddenly change and be better.  Things must change.

So it all comes together.  Turn the TV off, close the laptop and get into the kitchen.  Don't stress out if it takes a long time to prepare something.  It would be great if I could fit a little chair in my kitchen to read while things are cooking.  Maybe one day when I don't live in a shoebox.

Now the hard part.  Finding recipes.  You would think the internet would be great for this sort of thing, but instead it is one big huge jumble of confusion.  Looks like I'll be heading to the bookstore soon to get some cookbooks.  I guess there is one other thing I have to change.  I have to stop saying that I hate to cook.

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