I wooted

I did.  I had to.  They were selling 8GB 4th generation iPod nanos for $99!  Refurbished, but who cares. $99!

See I have the 3rd generation iPod.  If you don't remember what it looks like check it out here. I got it in the summer of 2004.  Wow, that thing is 5 years old!  It still works, but the battery life is non-existent.  That doesn't really matter because it is hooked up to my car stereo which keeps it running.  I use it to listen to my podcasts.

But there have been times when I wanted to play a song for my students or just have a small iPod.  I do have an iPhone, but I just don't use it as an iPod.  I know I could, but I try to be very careful with it.  I don't know if that makes sense, but my iPhone is primarily a phone and mini-internet computer.  Plus since I have the old iPhone I would have to get one of those adapters for earphones (earbuds are not comfortable for me) and since I plan to get a new phone this summer there is no point in that.

Anyway, I bought a new iPod.  Yes, I am an Apple fanatic.  Oh and I bought a black one which I know goes against the whole color thing Apple is pushing, but I just liked the black one.

Afternoon Soundtrack