In the Kitchen

I made my first recipe from my new cookbook and it didn't turn out horrible!  Woo hoo!  The book I decided on was the Food Network's How to Boil Water.  I like the approach of this book. They want people to use their products and watch their shows so they wrote a book for beginners that leaves nothing to chance.  They even really explain how to boil water.  The recipes have lots of pictures and tips and the book has a section on how to prep vegetables, fruit, use a knife, etc.

The recipe I made was spaghetti with olive oil and garlic.  It will hopefully be one of those recipes that I'll be able to do eventually without thinking, but since I'm such a novice I was unsure of everything (except how to make spaghetti... I actually do know how to boil water).  It would say something like brown the garlic until it was golden, but HOW golden?  These are the thoughts that run through a beginner cook's head.  But I did it.  I even had freshly grated parmesan.  Fancy!

The other significant thing about this meal is that there was no meat.  I'm a big meat eater. BIG.  As in it just isn't a meal if there isn't chicken, pork or beef.  But this article at Frugal Dad inspired me to think about trying some meatless meals.  I hope I can continue doing this at least once a week.

The other thing that is going to be interesting in this odyssey is my imminent reading of the book In Defense of Food.  I'm waiting for the paperback which hits the stands in two weeks. I heard the author on Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me and I watched an interview with him on You Tube. I think his stance sounds very interesting and it is timely considering that I am trying to learn to cook. Basically we have become a nation that eats food like substances instead of food. Special occasion food has become every day food.  We need to get back to cooking and eating fresh fruits and vegetables and visiting farmers markets.  That isn't a good explanation at all. You can watch this video (9 minutes) to get an idea of what the author is talking about.

One day down.  Let's see if I can actually keep it going.

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