Checklist 36

I have a new checklist for my 37th year, but I thought I would do a quick wrap-up of my checklist from year 36.

1.  Pay off my credit card - Nope.  Wow, I can't believe I thought I was going to get that done.  I'm throwing out my old system and am just going to let the money build up until I can pay it off all at once.  This is the debt I have besides my car and I dream of the day when it is gone.

2.  Buy a new camera body - Done!

3.  Sell a photograph - Done!  Thanks to Wozofoto I've sold more than one and I made it before the birthday deadline.  Woo hoo!

4. Enter at least 5 call for entries - I only managed three for the year.  But that's three more than I've done in years.

5.  Take a photography class - Done!

6.  Participate in at least 3 5K fun walks - Awww, no.  Didn't do any!  

7.  Go on a date - Ha. Next!

8.  Take some road trips around Texas - Done!

9.  Grow my viewership on my photoblog by 100% - Done!  Mostly thanks to the wonderful Pixyblog.

10 Ride a bike - I didn't make this one unfortunately.  

11.  Go out shooting with someone new every few months - I didn't exactly make every few months, but there were some new people that I kicked around Houston with.  I'm calling this one - Done!

Next up, the checklist for 37!

Checklist 37