Checklist 37

I think of this checklist differently than my new year's resolutions post.  To me this has more concrete goals that can easily be checked off.  Either I did it or I didn't.  Yes or No.  Black or white. I was inspired to do a list by the blog Little Miss Bossy.

1. Ride a bike - This is one of three hold overs from the previous list.  It's pretty hard on this side of town, but I really want to do it.  I would one day love to be able to ride all the time, but for now I just need to get back on a bike somewhere, some way.

2.  52 weeks - I am going to do the 52 weeks photo project.  A new self portrait every week for a  year.  I have a very hard time with my self image.  Of course who doesn't, but it is always jarring for me to see myself in other people's pictures.  The me that I see in my head doesn't match the me in the photographs and it always hurts to be confronted with the difference.  I think forcing myself to take self portraits will help although I do know that I will still be carefully controlling the image presented.  Baby steps with this self awareness thing.  You can follow the Flickr set here.

3.  Grow an herb garden - This was inspired by my recent foray into cooking.  Many recipes call for herbs, but it seems wasteful to buy a clump of them at the grocery store and then just use a tiny bit.  I could use dried herbs, but this is better. Now keep in mind that I kill almost every plant that comes near me so this will definitely be a challenge.  I don't even know where to start.  

4.  Submit calls for entry - I did a little better last year and submitted for three calls for entry, but I'm mad at myself because I let some that I really wanted to try slip away.  I'm going to do five this year and one of them has to be the Krappy Kamera contest.

5.  Go to the Alley Theater - It is shameful, SHAMEFUL, that I have lived this long in Houston and never seen a production in the Alley.  I don't think I have even stepped foot inside the building. This is strange because A Christmas Carol is one of my favorite stories ever and they do it every year. 

6.  Houston Photobloggers posting schedule - One of the common traits for successful bloggers is setting up a schedule to write their posts.  Houston Photobloggers has been very neglected the last few months and it must change.  I need to pick one or two days a week where I will sit down and post and I must stick to it.  It will be just like having an after school job.  

7. Fun walks - This is the last of the carry overs from last year.  I would like to make walking a part of my every day routine (since biking is impractical right now) but I need a goal. Something to get ready for.  I didn't even begin to get close to completing this one last year.  I hope I do better this time.

8. One roll of film every two months - I love my toy cameras, but I am monumentally slow at taking photos with them.  It sometimes takes me six months or more to finish one roll of film. So while two months may seem like a long time, it will be a significant production increase if I pull it off.

9.  One-on-one photowalks - Even though I push people in my Flickr group to organize big group outings it isn't really something that I enjoy.  I am at ease and get the most out the experience when I am with just one other person (maybe two).  The people that I spent time with last year have become wonderful friends in all respects, not just photography.  I want to continue developing these one on one friendships and develop new ones.  I would like two of the photowalks to be with new people.

10. Go out on a weeknight - My normal routine is to come home after a day's work, sit on the couch and watch TV/surf the internet and go to bed at 10:30.  It always feels strange to me to go out on a weeknight.  That's something the young 'uns do, not old maids like me.  And I'm not even talking about doing something exotic.  Just things like going to a movie, or going shopping, going to a museum or park or out to eat.  I usually reserve that stuff for the weekend.  Part of it is that I have to drive into town if I want to do anything interesting and I'm usually tired at the end of a work day.   I want to break away from this rut that I'm in and get a mini-recharge in the middle of the week.  I am going to set the goal of going out at least once a week.  This is the one that I'm most nervous about.  I'm not sure if I can do it.  Change is scary.

11.  Be spontaneous - Since 11 is my favorite number I'm throwing a more esoteric item here.  Be spontaneous.  The fact that I had to write down on a checklist a reminder to myself to be spontaneous should give you some insight into my personality.   I need to work on not worrying about everything so much, not planning everything to the tiniest detail and enjoying the surprises of life.


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