I just got back from watching Star Trek and my mind is still abuzz.  When they described it as a reboot they weren't kidding around.  I thought I saw where it was going half way through the movie, but I was completely wrong.  The whole time my mind was screaming:

You can't do that!  That's not how it goes.  You destroyed ******!

But there was a little voice saying reboot, reboot, reboot. That is how I have heard this movie described numerous times and it is probably a good thing that I was semi-prepared for it.  I didn't really expect it to end the way it did.  Almost to the end of the movie I thought it was going to go back to the old way, but it isn't.  I think I need to see it again watching from this perspective.  Even though they really have changed the story there were lots of wonderful acknowledgements to the original series.  My favorite character was Doctor McCoy.  He was hilarious and I've always loved Karl Urban.

Now I'm a Star Trek: The Next Generation girl much more than the original series.  I probably have seen less than one fourth of the original series episodes whereas I've seen all the TNG episodes multiple times.  I watched some DS9, less Voyager and even less Enterprise.  However I can easily see myself being a fan of this Star Trek reboot.  I've always loved the Star Trek universe and it is fun to see it with a new and exciting future.