Cooking so far

My cooking adventures have totally hit the skids the last few weeks as late night rehearsals, concerts, school functions, and just plain old work have eaten up my time.  But that is soon coming to an end and I'm looking forward to having time this summer to really focus on cooking.  I dare say there is a part of me that is actually excited about it.  It is the part of me that imagines this healthy person who cooks all these fresh meals, exercises, gets up before 8 am, etc.  Currently there is no one in this house that is doing these things, but I can dream.

I've become a little bit of a magazine buying fanatic, looking for a good source for recipes.  I think in the end magazines are going to be my best bet.  They aren't very expensive and they have all new options every issue.  I'm also going to collect some things here and there from the internet, but it is so huge and frankly, disorganized, that it is a turn off.  I'm not interested in wading through a whole website to find one useable recipe.  Actually one place I'm going to look is the Flickr group, Recipes to Share.  People post their food photos, which are always fun to look at, but they also have to post a recipe or a link to the recipe.  I think I will find some things that way.

I also hope to visit the local farmer's markets on a regular basis to get some fresh produce and to force myself to try a variety of new things.  That will obviously be much easier in the summer when I have the energy to get up early and go.  I went today and picked up a few things, but I bet there was a lot more selection at eight in the morning than there was at eleven.  

Summer is exactly two months long this year and I know that time is going to fly by.  I hope I can fit in everything that I want to do in regards to cooking.  

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