While driving to work this morning, it suddenly hit me.  It's summer!  I knew it was coming in the abstract, but with the craziness that is the end of the school year I hadn't really thought about it. Summer! No school, no work (after three more days next week).  Sleeping in, reading, taking photos, setting my own schedule.  It's like a little gift that just popped up this morning. I'm excited.

I have grand plans for the summer.  I can actually do them all if I don't spend the whole day being lazy.  THAT is the total key.  Things that I would like to work on in some form or fashion this summer:

1.)  Cooking - You already knew that one!  Summer should really ramp up my cooking because I will not be at work or coming home from work thus I will not be passing fast food places or looking to grab a quick bite after a long day.  I have always enjoyed my summer eating schedule much more than my work eating schedule.  Too bad one lasts two months and one lasts the other ten.  I tend to eat a small breakfast and then a full meal at around 2-3 p.m.  A light dinner usually follows.  I should have plenty of time to do things that way.  

2.) Museum - I will be volunteering again this summer at HMNS and it will be a much more enjoyable experience this time around.  Last summer I started for the first time and it was a frankly overwhelming experience.  There is so much to learn and so much to do and I felt lost a lot of the times.  I wasn't able to go up there as much during the school year, but I did get up there on occasion and I feel much more ready for activities this summer.  I'll be working in Terra Cotta Warriors, maybe a little Genghis Khan and maybe a little Diamonds.  Plus whatever other crazy events appear in my email.  It's going to be fun.

3.) Spanish - I need to buckle down and really work my way through my Spanish programs this summer.  It is going to have to happen every single day.  I bought six month access to the program and there are a LOT of levels to go through.  I don't want to waste my money or the opportunity to learn as much as I can before November.

4.) Pictures - Pictures and more pictures of course.  

5.) Chicago (Eeeek! So excited!) Austin (Happy to visit a dear friend)  San Antonio (work) and To Be Determined (because I want to go at least one other place).

6.) Read - I must get my reading back on track.  I feel like I'm getting stupider.  I spend my downtime playing games on the iPhone or surfing the internet or watching TV.  I used to have to read every single night before I went to bed.  I could not sleep without it.  Now, not so much.  I need to get my reading groove back on.

7.) Exercise - Sigh.  Yes, but I need it.  I would *love* to buy a bicycle.  I rode a bike today for about 10 seconds (no exaggeration).  It haven't ridden one since I was a child.  I've got the wild hare about buying a bike again not that I really have the money to buy a bike.  Even if I could find the $200ish to buy a bike I'm not sure where I would go to buy it.  It seems like a lot of bike shops are judgmental.  And then where would I go to ride it?  I've already discussed that my part of town is not bike friendly.  We'll see about the bike.  Other than that I need to alternate taking a walk or going for an early morning swim.  Just something to get me moving.

All this plus more in just two months!  I already know the time is going to fly by.


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