The Tony awards were tonight.  I had to give my Twitter followers a warning in advance because this is the one night where I knew that I was going to say a lot.  The Tony's usually give me a good idea of what I do and do not want to see when they come through town.  Luckily Houston is a first run city so we are one of the first stops on the broadway tour circuit.

So things I want to see?  The bilingual version of West Side Story.  I think it would be great to take my students.  West Side Story is a fantastic show anyway, but to have the Puerto Rican numbers actually sung in Spanish is so clever and would have a real impact for my mostly hispanic students.   Also Guys and Dolls, Hair, 9 to 5 and Rock of Ages.  

One that I'm going to pass on?  Shrek.  I like the movie, but the musical just did not look interesting to me. Shows I'm not sure about?  Billy Elliot and Next to Normal.  I haven't even seen the movie Billy Elliot and I tend to like the more dance number, happy, big band type of musicals more than the deep, dark, angst ridden ones.  I know that surprises you since Rent is at the top of my list, but Rent is special.  And speaking of Rent, Next to Normal strongly reminded me of it in the few minutes I saw of it.  Not sure about that one either.

One thing I AM sure of.  I love Neil Patrick Harris.  He's a Broadway veteran and he's funny as hell and very clever.  The closing number from the awards, at the end of this post, was hysterical.  Neil was my favorite thing tonight.

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