Checklist 37: Ride a bike

So as you know I've been thinking about bicycles for a while.  It first popped up on my checklist 36.  I had a notion of renting a bicycle in Galveston and taking a ride down the seawall.  Well Ike washed that away and time just got away from me.  But I still had this desire to ride a bike so back on the list it went.  

Today I rode a bicycle so I can check off one of my items on checklist 37.  Hooray!  But not only did I ride one, I bought one!  I'm so excited.  

Yo tengo una bicicleta.

I remember the pure joy of riding a bike from my childhood.  I haven't ridden since then.  I'd see people riding and think about how much I used to love doing that.  And then I'd think about getting more active and think I can't afford a bike.  Back to walking which is frankly boring.  

But as is always the case with me sometimes I start thinking about a thing so much that it gets to the point where I can't ignore it.  My head for the last week or so has been filled with thoughts of a bicycle and the thoughts got louder and louder and louder until they were demanding an action.  And so here I am.  And I'm excited.  

I got the bike from West End Bicycles.  As I mentioned in a previous post I was worried about being judged when I went to a bike shop.  I mean I'm not exactly an athlete.  I read a lot of reviews and started coming across glowing ones for West End Bicycles.  Well I can add mine. Chad from the bike shop was so friendly the instant I stepped in the door.  I didn't feel any judgement or impatience with me as I was obviously a bike noob.  He explained everything I needed to know and even showed me how to take the front tire off.  I feel so bike-y. I felt like he had nothing else to do the whole day but help me which is of course not true, but a great feeling none the less.  At one point he just gave me the bike and told me to take it for a test ride in the neighborhood.  Now that's trust.  They didn't even have information on me and were just giving me a helmet and a bike and telling me to go for a ride.  And while I was riding around the neighborhood I *knew* that I was making the right decision.  It was such a wonderful feeling of freedom and after a few wobbly blocks I got better.  I could have ridden around the neighborhood for a long time, but I headed back to the shop to buy the bike.

Bikes are almost as bad as cameras.  The bike is just the beginning.  You can also see I added a bag on the front to hold my stuff, a water bottle cage and a bike lock.  As I mentioned before I do not live in a bike friendly area so the bike will have to be thrown in the car and taken somewhere to get a work out.  The thing is I'm so excited about going somewhere.  I'm looking forward to it.  I can't wait to go.  Rarely did I ever say that about walking.  Here is to a whole new chapter in my life full of new possibilities.

PS: I forgot to mention another reason to love West End Bicycles.  They have a feline overlord named Frank!

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