Good Day

Today was a good day.

- Took the bike out (yay!) and rode for about 45 minutes around the Heights.  Loved every minute of it although I probably looked a little like a drunk since I was a little wobbly.

- Came home and took the best hot shower.  It feels great when you are really grimy and dirty and hot and scrub every bit of dirt away in an even hotter shower.  When you step out you are clean and the cool air feels great.

- Studied.  I finally started studying some of my materials for Terra Cotta Warriors.  I went through the companion book and started reading some of the materials on the CD they gave me.

- Took my weekly(ish) self portrait.  You can see it over on Flickr.  I've had the idea for a week I just never got around to it until today.

- Volunteered at the museum.  Today was the most enjoyable day I've had at the museum.  For some reason I can't get out of the house earlier than 3 in the afternoon.  I'm an afternoon to early evening person. Those are my happy hours.  The museum was open until 9 this evening and the Terra Cotta exhibit was also open until 9.  It wasn't crowded but there were a steady stream of people.  I felt good about being able to discuss the items I had on my table and I learned even more as the docents took tour groups through.  And I sat there and thought how cool that I can sit with these 2,000 year old soldiers whenever I want

- Home. Dinner.  Internet. TV.

Today was a good day.

Evening Thoughts

Checklist 37: Ride a bike