Checklist 37: Posting Schedule

On the checklist I wrote:

Houston Photobloggers posting schedule - One of the common traits for successful bloggers is setting up a schedule to write their posts.  Houston Photobloggers has been very neglected the last few months and it must change.  I need to pick one or two days a week where I will sit down and post and I must stick to it. It will be just like having an after school job.  

This didn't end up exactly as I imagined.  Instead of finding a new schedule for Houston Photobloggers I have decided to stop updating the site and concentrate instead on a new site based on my Flickr group.  I am very excited about the possibilities.  Many times I had ideas of things I wanted to do, but I wasn't sure where to do them.  It is very hard to direct people to a place when you have multiple places all over the web.  I should know because I am very bad about starting new blogs.  This was the right decision.  It will give me a chance to showcase the work that members are doing and when I get those hare-brained ideas I will have a place to do them.

Right now the posting schedule looks like this in my head:

Monday: Weekly Reading Link Post
Tuesday: Open
Wednesday: Archive Spotlight
Thursday: Weekend Planner
Friday: Open
Saturday: Photo Triplet (bi-weekly)
Sunday: Nothing

I'm not going to force myself to post on the open days, but if I come across something then I can throw it up there. The key is to do things far ahead in the future.  I can have the link post and the planner posts open for a week or two ahead of time and add interesting stuff as I find it.  Archive spotlights are easy and photo triplets will be done by members.  I just have to contact them in plenty of time.  So here we go.  I think this will work.


Evening Thoughts