We have all heard the idea that celebrities die in threes.  Sometimes people really stretch the definition of the word celebrity to make this fit, but it does seem to happen at times.  Last night as I was watching the coverage of Michael Jackson I had the weirdest little image pop in my head.  

Imagine that celebrities can only move on to whatever great ever after in threes so when they die they have to sit in a waiting room and wait for the group to be filled out.  So there sits Ed McMahon and not two days later Farrah shows up.  And while they are talking the door opens only hours later and in walks Michael Jackson.  I imagine they were quite surprised and knew the chaos that was left in his wake.  I know, it's a totally strange thought to have, but it amuses me in a way.

Michael Jackson of the '80s was my childhood.  I remember waiting for the Thriller video to premiere on MTV.   It is so theatrical and looking at my tastes now I guess it is not a surprise that it is my favorite.

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