Lazy Week

This week always comes during my summer vacation.  The week where I am more lazy than productive and I feel quite guilty about it.  I have to remind myself that it is ok to be lazy on vacation, but you know my obsessive personality.  I still feel guilty.

So what did I do this week.  Lazy, lazy, lazy Monday and Tuesday.   I have ridden my bike this week, but I'm already starting to lose track of which days.  That's a good thing.  It's every two to three days.  I think I mainly feel guilty about Monday and Tuesday because I should have used them to clean up for a visit from my aunt, but instead I did nothing.  I am from a family of procrastinators so the clean up was pushed to Wednesday.  I wish that I could break the procrastination cycle, but sometimes it is hard.  

Wednesday night I went to the Astros game.  The Astros have a deal on a few games this year where you get a View Deck II ticket, a hot dog, chips and a drink all for $10.  You can't beat that. I had a good time even though I watched them lose again.  I have a confession.  I have never seen the Astros win a game.  I might be an Astros jinx.  I don't go very often, but when I do I always enjoy myself until they lose and I know it is my fault.  At this game they were winning until the late innings.  I was so excited that the curse was going to finally be broken. The game went 11 innings and I refused to leave because there was always a chance that the curse could be broken, but alas.  They lost.  

Thursday my aunt arrived for a visit.  Whenever my aunt is here it is always a shopping trip for her and a chance to visit cool stores for me.  It was my first trip to Sur La Table which was fun. There are so many kitchen gadgets it makes your mind whirl.  Good thing I already have Alton Brown's mantra pounded in my head.  Don't buy something that can't do double duty.  After that we went to Events and then Kuhl and Linscomb.  While at Kuhl and Linscomb I met Bandit, the resident cat.  It is surprising that they let a cat have free reign of the store and he was happily ensconced in thousands of dollars worth of bedding and purring away.  We had dinner at Nelore (my fave) and went to the museum to see the Terra Cotta Warriors and the Nature of Diamonds exhibit.

Friday I once again did nothing.  See?  Saturday was a bike ride, a trip to a book signing and the bike shop and ending the night with a free concert by the Houston Symphony at Miller Outdoor Theater.  The weather was surprisingly bearable sitting on the hill side.  I usually try to get seats in the covered area, but this was much nicer.  

And now we are to today where once again I'm going to stay in and work on website, internet stuff, read books and watch TV.  Lazy, lazy.