My plans for this evening were to write a post about the things I used to plan the trip.  This will be my first time using Evernote after hearing Dave go on and on about it.  That led to some interesting organizational steps for the trip.  I also bought some iPhone applications to use. I wanted to write everything out before I went. 

But the bike was calling me this evening and since I have to pack it up and take it somewhere in Houston and then come back that took out a chunk of my evening.  So instead of a leisurely night I'm running around crazy trying to finish everything.  That's ok, I found the best place so far to ride and it was worth it.  So travel planning Laurie style will just have to wait until I get back.  

You can follow my trip on Twitter and Flickr. I have to go finish up some things because I leave early in the morning and I have to make sure everything is ready for the trip and in the apartment since my aunt stays here while I'm gone.  See you on the flipside.


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