Time to say goodbye

I knew this day would come, but I really tried not to think about it.  I kind of took the head in the sand approach.  But now it is in black and white with a date attached and it is time for me to face it.  The Alabama Bookstop is closing on September 15th.

Bookstop Interior
I've always been interested in exploring Houston even from day one.  When I moved here 15 years ago I bought the Guide to Houston by Jerry Herring.  Unfortunately it is out of print and the information is mostly out of date, but it is still my favorite guide book.  The pages are glossy and have a certain smell and every time I open it the smell and touch takes me right back to lying on my bed in my new apartment and flipping through the pages.  I made stars by all the places that I wanted to visit and seek out in my new city.  It's funny to think that I did all that work when I only thought I would be living here for about three years.

One of the entries was for the Alabama Bookstop, the theater turned bookstore.  I loved bookstores and architecture so it sounded perfect.  It was one of the very first places in Houston that I went to as I began to explore my new city.  It was love at first sight and has been my primary bookstore ever since.  And now it is time to say goodbye. 

I'm crying as I write this (you aren't new around here right?) and I will probably cry when I go into the bookstore for the last time.  I hope with all my heart that someone will lease it who will keep the beautiful details, but the realistic part of me that I keep squashed far, far down in my heart fears that it will be torn down or gutted or something.  This makes me unbelievably sad.  

And now I need to find a new bookstore.  

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