A** Kicking

As I was getting ready to write this I was thinking about how I was going to say the last week has really kicked me in the a**.  There is really no other way to say it.  But the more I'm thinking back on it the more I realize it isn't just the last week.  It has been pretty much the entire month of August since I started back to work on the 10th.  

I do believe there is a balance to all the things I need to do and that I will be able to settle into a good routine, but I just haven't achieved it yet.  I've worked amazingly long hours at school including working all day last Saturday and working until 7:30 on Friday.  The beginning of the school year takes a lot of planning from me.  After a few weeks that time frame will be reduced greatly (I hope).  If I did for some reason get to leave by 5ish then I had errands to run whether it was grocery shopping or running into town to pick something up or to have a meeting, etc.  Many times in the last few weeks I wasn't getting home until 7 or 8 at night.  So then of course my internet life suffered.  I barely posted anything at Assignment: Houston last week, I didn't read blogs or check on Flickr friends.  Posts and photos mounted up and I just had to turn away from it.  It didn't help that I had morning and afternoon duty every day this week so I was leaving the house at 7 in the morning and having no time at work to prepare before school.  Whew, what a week.  What a month.

There are some new things in life that are also eating up time, namely cooking and learning Spanish.  To stay on my Spanish track it takes up about 4 to 5 hours a week.  That's a lot of time that I used to use for other things.  Cooking isn't much better.  It takes me an hour to an hour and a half each night that I decide to cook something.  You know I'm new and I'm very slow.  I admit to having some frozen stuff last week because I just didn't have the time.  No take out though so yay!  

I know I need to cut down on my internet stuff, but I promise you have I have culled my RSS reader just about as much as it can be culled.  I really can't cut too much more out.  There is a balance.  I know there is.  I just have to figure out what it is.  Hopefully this weekend helped me get on track.  I caught up with posts, I caught up with photos and I cleaned the apartment.  And I slept.  A lot. Bring on week #2.


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