Checking In

As I was walking out to my car this morning, water bottle in hand, it occurred to me that drinking more water was on a list that I wrote somewhere and that it had been an awfully long time since I looked at or thought about any of those lists. So here we go with a progress check. Prepare yourself for a lot of "the beginning of the school year kicked my a**" excuses.

List #37. The list I made of things I wanted to do during my 37th year.

1.) Ride a bike. Done! Woo hoo!

2.) 52 weeks self portrait project. Hahaha.... really? I wrote that? What was I thinking! Well I know what I was thinking but this one crashed after only a few weeks and I honestly have no interest in reviving it.  DOA.

3.) Grow an herb garden. Or at least attempt to. I have a box that has been sitting on my computer table for a few months now that is one of those grow your own herb kits so at least I took those steps towards completing this. Now maybe one day I'll actually open up the box and give it a whirl.

4.) Submit calls for entry. I still have until April! 

5.) Go to the Alley Theater. Oh yeah. I totally forgot about this. I will definitely take myself to see A Christmas Carol. This one will be easy.

6.) Houston Photobloggers posting schedule. Houston Photobloggers is now defunct, but this can apply to Assignment: Houston. I consider this done in the sense that I have a posting schedule and I generally follow it except (TRUMPETS) the school year so far has really been exhausting.

7.) Fun walks. This was before I bought my bike. Now I'd like to do some fun rides, but I'm going to have to up my distance a lot more before I consider doing those. And of course I haven't ridden as much since (TRUMPETS) the start of the school year.

8.) One roll of film every two months. Yeah, I haven't been doing that. But I've been *thinking* about it if that counts for anything.

9.) One-on-One photowalks. I forgot I wrote this which I guess tells you how successful I've been thus far. I actually haven't really taken many pictures this fall because, oh heck you know why. I've been coasting the last month on Chicago photos. I need to get back out there soon.

10.) Go out on a weeknight. I've actually been improving in this category. It is only a few times a month, but that is progress for me.

11.) Be spontaneous. I have my moments. This will be a life long skill to learn.

New Year's Resolutions.

1.) Drink Water. I knew I had that down somewhere. I can say that there is improvement in the sense that I'm thinking about it more, but unfortunately that ice cold water bottle that prompted this post generally comes back home half full. But at least I try every day.

2.) Slow Down. This was geared towards eating. I would say that there has been a slow if not steady improvement in this category.

3.) Eye Contact. I'm terrible at this still. Terrible.

4.) Travel.  Bam baby.  BAM!  I'm so proud of myself for this one.  I still marvel at the fact that I went to Chicago! And Goliad, Austin, Freeport and will be going to Panama in November.  It's amazing to me how much has changed in this category in one year. I'm still afraid to fly, I'm not great with my money, but I've learned to change my mindset some to enjoy the time I have.  I'm very happy with the things that have been accomplished.

Well there you have it.  Seems like I have some work to do.

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