Chicago Done

Lake Michigan

Almost exactly three months later I am finally finished editing my Chicago photos. Wow, was that a lot more of a chore than I thought it would be.  I have a feeling I won't be taking as many pictures in Panama at least in terms of photos per day.  The architecture and my love of big cities just made my camera go snap happy.  Everywhere I looked I saw something I wanted to document.  

The largest chunk of photos was what I waited last to work on and that was Millennium Park and Cloudgate.  Oh how I love Cloudgate.  If I lived there I would be at that park all the time and photographing that sculpture in all kinds of light and weather.  

It will still take a few months for everyone to see all my Chicago stuff because I will be alternating Chicago posts with other stuff that is going on.  And I guess if I was honest with myself I have a few more photos on my iPhone that I need to edit, but that won't take long.  

The final tally was 1331 photos taken and 446 made the final cut.  Whew!


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