The less said about last week the better.  It was my "several times a year" allergy misery.  At these times I think that all those years of allergy medications and doctor's visits have done NOTHING. But in the end I don't actually get a sinus infection and after a miserable week like the one I just had I come out of it and I have to realize that there is progress.  I used to get really sick with infections more than once a year and now I just get these bad weeks.  Still it doesn't make them any fun especially because I come home, eat my take out food (because who has the time or energy to shop or cook when you are sick), and go to bed.  My apartment looks like, well, I'm not telling you.  Let's just say, bad. 

Something else that is bothering me that is completely unrelated.  I used to read books.  I was so proud to be a reader and I could never understand non-readers and now I'm one of them.  I can't seem to finish a book anymore and it has been like this for many, many months.  Actually almost a year.  I try and try, but I can't seem to get my reading groove back.  Maybe it is hanging out with my photography groove on a beach somewhere.  So do you have any ideas?  Maybe links to something I can read online that will give me an idea of how to get my groove back? There is this article, but right now I can't seem to follow it.  Each time I think I'll get it back by starting fresh with a new book. My nightstand is piled high with half started books that were supposed to kick start my reading again. Books I can't seem to finish.  I know the answer is something like turn off the TV, close the laptop, hide the iPhone, but I can't seem to follow through.  I need some help with the follow through.

At Peace

Chicago Done