The Neverending Story

Will this killer year never get better?!?  12 hour days all the time.  Aaarrrrghhh!

Actually I think things will get a lot better after next weekend.  I have a competition with my students and I have had rehearsals every morning at 7:30 and every afternoon until 4:30 since the first week in September.  If you have to do stuff after work then that pushes it really far.  I'm tired of getting ready for this contest, but this is the final push.  One more week!

Yesterday was the only day I really had a chance to go home early, but instead I stayed very late (9:00 p.m.) at work to get caught up on things.  I think that will actually make things easier not only for the rest of this week, but for next week as well.  I hope so.  I just have to make it through next Saturday and I think I'll be ok.  Please, please let me be ok otherwise this school year is going to kill me.

This Weekend

At Peace