So here is a question.  What is your hometown?  When I hear the term hometown I think of it as the town that people grew up in, so for me my hometown is Harlingen.  But what about the city that I currently live in?  Is that also my hometown?  Can you have two hometowns?  Sometimes I want to brag on my hometown of Houston, but then I hesitate.  Is Houston really my hometown?

I know that I can call it anything I want, but I'm curious as to what you think of when you hear the term hometown.  And where are you living currently?  What do you call it?

P.S.  Obviously if you are currently living in the town you grew up in you are excused from this discussion.

P.P.S.  If this post doesn't make any sense blame the complete high that I am on from a perfect air show weekend.

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