Small Steps

Diana and the Warbirds

Remember my photo mojo problem?  As I was explaining to a friend I feel like I'm taking the same photos over and over again. Part of it is the type of photography that I do.  I don't do studio work, macro work or portraiture.  I'm not interested in those areas. I like being out and about in the city with my camera.  Yet after the second, third, fourth time I'm at the same event or location I feel like I'm just taking variations of the same picture.  I don't feel like I have a fresh perspective on things.  But I like going to these events and I like taking my camera so something else has to change.

I have been considering taking my toy cameras (Holga, Diana, Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim) as my primary camera to events.  Using film will force me to slow down and think about the photos before I take them.  There is, at least in my mind, a certain type of subject and point of view that seems to fit film cameras that is different than the digital.  I would need to learn to see in a different way and that is the challenge.  I could go to my old events and locations with new eyes.  I even bought a new film scanner so I don't have to get prints made of everything.  So everything's in place right?

The theory is sound, but the idea of not having my digital makes me uncomfortable.  I'm afraid of missing out on something.  I know part of that is just my resistance to change, but I must say it is a pretty strong compulsion.  I like to imagine myself a year from now being like those amazing film photographers I admire, the ones whose blogs and Flickr streams are works of art. But the idea of being someone else, of leaving my comfort zone, of not knowing what the future is going to be like scares me.  Not to mention how little I really know about film or actual camera techniques for that matter.  I would have to start learning about some of this stuff and that has always been a mental road block in the past.  I just want to go out and take pictures and not have to think about the technical side.  That's one reason I was attracted to the Holga in the first place.

So I'm going to try doing small steps, something that I'm terrible at.  Terrible.  I'm the kind of person that sees all the future paths from a single action.  Or at least the kind of person that thinks she does.  This is definitely one of the reasons I'm still single.  I'm not good at just letting things happen naturally. I over analyze everything into future paralysis.  But I'm really going to try, I really am.  I made a compromise for the airshow.  I took my Vivitar one day and Diana the next and used those to take photos around the static displays.  I also took my digital and used that for photos of the performances.  I think it was a good start.  

Go with the flow.  Don't look too far down the road.  Small steps.

Six days