I sat down yesterday to work on my snow pictures (SNOW!) and my hard drive died.  Died.  Dead. RIP. I went through everything I could think of to get it back, but it was gone.  Thankfully I have Time Machine so I should have most of data, but I hate, *hate* being without my computer.  It is currently winging it's way to iResq so they can fix it.  They are my fastest option although I'm a little peeved that the hard drive they installed in August died.  But the hard drive they installed on my Powerbook G4 is running great years after installation so I know it isn't really their fault.  It must just have been a faulty drive.

Since the crazy weather cancelled my weekend work activities my main plan was to do some major photo editing to catch up.  Instead there will be no photo editing and no new photos up until at least Wednesday night, more likely Thursday.  

Thank goodness for my little Powerbook.  I really need to save up next time for a Macbook Pro.  The Pro line really makes a difference.  The little laptop is slow, but it lets me do most of the stuff I need to do.  It staves off the shakes from my internet addiction.

Of course now that I can't do it, I'm dying to edit photos.  Figures.  

Waiting for Monday night

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