Flowery Clean

Photo  I love fresh cut flowers (take note would be suitors).  They always seem so luxurious to me and usually only make an appearance in my place when it is freshly cleaned.  It would seem wrong to have beautiful flowers in a messy apartment.

So here is my latest flower bouquet and it marks a special occasion.  The apartment being cleaned by someone else.  I have been toying with the idea for a long time of hiring someone to clean my apartment on a regular basis, but I have never followed through.  I always felt guilty about it. Every time I would think about it I would tell myself that I could do it and there is really no point in spending the money.  But the words of a fellow music teacher always stayed with me.  She said it was one of the best things that she had ever done.  

This first half of the school year with its hellish hours finally broke me.  After two separate incidents where I was under the weather for a week, but still working long hours and the apartment turning into a disaster zone, I finally couldn't take it anymore.  The plan is to have the apartment cleaned twice a month. I'm hoping that in between I will be good about keeping it picked up since it will be regularly cleaned.  It's only been two days but so far so good.  I've put my shoes and dishes away just like a real grownup. I really hope this is a turning point because my life feels so much happier when my apartment is neat and tidy. I guess I just need to be nudged in the right direction. Maybe I'll have flowers all the time.


Waiting for Monday night