Checklist 37: One Roll Of Film Every Two Months

Check.  This should be no problem going forward either because I am going to be using film cameras a lot more in 2010.  I even bought a new camera for the work.  I got lots of good advice on my photo mojo problem that I had earlier in the fall.  One of the people said that maybe I was turning to film because I was in a place of growth and ready for a new challenge.  I like the sound of that.  

I like that film will slow me down.  I like the look of film and I like the film community who has been so helpful.  It is going to be a learning process all over again. I've spent forever developing my eye a certain way and now I'm going to try to take it in a new direction.  It's exciting and it's scary.  As far as I'm concerned this item is checked off my list.

Checklist 37: Alley Theatre