Sound of Music

I noticed that I didn't post about going to see the Sound of Music at TUTS.  You don't need me to tell you how wonderful the Sound of Music is do you?  I didn't think so.

The musical of course is different than the movie.  Some of the songs were in different places and there is a song by the Baroness.  Other than that though it was very close to the point that I realized that I had a large majority of the dialogue memorized.  I didn't realize I had seen it that much.  (Confession, I am watching it right this minute as I write this post).  

One thing I do want to address is the scene when the family sings at the festival towards the end of the movie.  In this part of the musical they had actors in Nazi army uniforms stationed around the theater and the Nazi flag displayed on two sides.  It essentially turned the Hobby Center into the audience of the festival with the Nazis standing guard.  It was compelling and creepy.

Of course the same parts make me cry.  When the Captain and Maria dance at the ball, the wedding scene and surprisingly this time Climb Every Mountain.  Usually that song doesn't get me, but it did this time.  It didn't hurt that it was beautifully sung by the actress playing the Reverend Mother.

Oh Sound of Music.  How I love you.

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